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No! wait, you don't need to sacrifice your sleep.

 As we always say when life gives you babies


Coz we have got your back. Always!! 




TBS Studio was established in 2015 as an ascending company, leaving its mark on the baby furniture market with its exquisite collection of furniture designs for children's spaces. TBS comforts your precious toddlers and kids with these elegant designs, who wish to be lost behind the doors building their worlds & empires and helping them realise their true selves. Stocked with baby cots & cute cribs, changing stations & almirahs, chairs & bookshelves, storage cabinets and many such options at your service.

TBS offers furniture, storage compartments and room decor lines developed by our passionate design team, with each offering indigenously sourced. From acquiring raw materials to their production, our design team works tirelessly on a unique aesthetic language, resulting in the creation of nurseries and a child’s dwelling place



The kids keep jumping and climbing on chairs, tables, beds and almirahs mimicking Little Singham, Moana or their favourite Tom & Jerry, making you feel like what if he falls? What if she licks the wood? What if they hurt their head?

That's why we pride ourselves as manufacturers and supply exceptional products with absolute non-toxic materials, packed with safety & multiple functionality features, with a touch of long-lasting finishes. These not only make them durable, but also trustable, because they have undergone excellent research and numerous quality checks. So the next time you see your child playing alone in their room, you know not to worry!! TBS will keep the little explorer safe.



We are a team of 20 plus representatives, to recruit more in future to our talented and skilful management. 

We have various divisions from formulation to dispatchers as follows :

Design and development division which helps us transform concepts & ideas,into prototypes.

Research and development being especially important as all safety features and finishes are done to ensure the best for your munchkins 

The production division  churns out the perfectly made pieces to reach to your doorstep and make a place in the nursery with ease 

The quality control division check and rechecks at every stage to ensure perfection in every piece,at every stage

The customer satisfaction division  is our most amiable team .You can talk to them about your doubts,queries or take advice too. They are trained to guide you as well as listen to any grievances .

Technology partnership and strategy division  This team gets all our products and services to you in the most technologically enabled way to ensure ease of interaction & transaction for you. 

Each team looks after their respective division with utmost sincerity and care, Also each product created by TBS undergoes a strategic development, manufacturing and testing process. That's how our products are delivered to you with efforts to bestow a smile on your face, coz we understand parenting is not easy. 



TBS only aims to make your journey as a parent relaxing and desirable. We acknowledge the significant role of furniture and room decor in a child's upbringing. Using child-sized furniture supports children's self-confidence and makes them more independent. It encourages the tiny legs in learning to pull themselves up and stand and step on their own. Also, striking cute room accessories and colours help their brain advancement, upgrade productivity, and intensify their creativity.

TBS endeavours to design, manufacture, swap & swipe with comfort and ambience whilst maintaining maximum durability. We offer you incredible and pocket-friendly products with the best customer assistance. Since the beginning, we’ve constantly worked on modifying the service, the products and the overall brand. Ultimately, TBS is the end solution for all of your searches.


Babies are going to be babies And Mommin’ ain't easy!

But let that not stop you from singing to your little bundle of joy “ aaj mere ghar aayi hai ek nanhi pari aur pari ke liye ek nanha TBS ka bed ”

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