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Perch Theme
Perch Theme
Perch Theme
Perch Theme
Perch Theme
Perch Theme

Perch Theme

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This is a modern and playful theme.Adds the fun and appeal to any nursery.It has a cot,Almiran and a wall book shelf

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  • ISO certified
  • Non Toxic
  • Quick delivery

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1. Engaging & Attractive theme
2. Functional - it includes a cot, almirah & a Book shelf to take care of your every need in the nursery of sleeptime, storage & decor
3. Non Toxic and Highly safe - Non toxic finish, smooth edges and sturdy
Height: 34”*37”Sleeping Level from the floor: 21”*21”
Technical Specifications
1. Made from reinforced engineered wood
2. Non toxic Paint Finish
3. Designed & Manufactured in India
Special Features
1. Smooth edges and finish
2. Cot - Rounded edges & smooth finish, Safe spacing in the railing, Wheels for 360 degree mobility, adjustable sleeping levels, removable railing & storage, Engaging design - Can hang toys, curtains etc.
3. Book Shelf - Smooth edges and finish, Storage for Toys, Books and Decor, Pinstripe roof ,Hut Shape Design. Attractive Window design.
4. Big Hut Almirah - Smooth edges and finish, Single Door soft close, Clothes hanging rod , Adjustable shelves , Hut Shape Design, Attractive Window design
Delivery Details
Delivery will be done within 3 to 4 weeks
Warranty Terms
This product come with a 12 months limited warranty against manufacturing defects of all hardware & wheels only.
It does not apply to damage or scratches caused by accidents or impact. Nor to products stored or assembled incorrectly.
It would not apply to damage incurred by using wrong cleaning methods or exposure to direct sunlight.

Frequently asked questions

Is this made from real wood ?

These is made out of reinforced engineered wood making it stronger and stable

Can this shelf be wall mounted ?

Yes this shelf comes with a wall mounting provision and can also be placed on a slab, table top or floor

Is the paint/polish safe for the baby?

We use non toxic water based products which are non toxic and do not emanate fumes

Can I join the cot with my bed?

This cot has a removable railing on one side to enable joining to the bed

Can the sleeping level of the cot be the same as my bed?

Yes we customize the upper sleeping level to match with your bed

Are the wheels lockable?

Two wheels are lockable to prevent the cot from moving when necessary

How much weight can this cot take ?

This cot can take upto 15 kg and 25 kgs respectively for size 1 & 2