Snow Angel Cot
Snow Angel Cot
Snow Angel Cot
Snow Angel Cot
Snow Angel Cot
Snow Angel Cot
Snow Angel Cot
Snow Angel Cot
Snow Angel Cot
Snow Angel Cot
Snow Angel Cot
Snow Angel Cot
Snow Angel Cot
Snow Angel Cot
Snow Angel Cot

Snow Angel Cot

This stylish Cot provides comfort and space to your baby.It has adjustable sleeping levels and a removable railing to attach to the bed

*Note - Recommended mattress size 48*24 for cot size 55" x 26.75" and mattress size 55*27 for cot size 62" x 29.75

Price:   ₹ 40,200.00
Unit price per

Only 6 units are available!

COD orders of value above Rs 10,000, will be confirmed via phone call after the order is placed . You will be asked for a Rs 5000 advance for the same.

1. Cozy and Comfortable Cot/Cot Bed -This is a spacious cot with a cot bed option lasting upto 3/5years
2. Functional & Adjustable -It comes with 2 adjustable sleeping levels and removable railing to attach to the bed
3. Non Toxic and Highly safe-The ideal railing gaps, non toxic finish, smooth edges and sturdiness of this cot ,makes it a perfect secure zone for your baby
4. Dimensions- Height : 35”*38”, Sleeping Level from the floor : 21”*21”
Technical Specifications
1. Made from reinforced engineered wood
2. Non toxic Paint Finish
3. Designed & Manufactured in India
Special Features
1. Rounded edges near curve
2. Safe spacing in the railing
3. Wheels for 360 degree mobility
4. Adjustable sleeping levels
5. Removable railing
6. Storage - Large drawer & Storage under first sleeping level
7. Engaging design - Stylish design
Delivery Details
Delivery will be done within 3 to 4 weeks
Warranty Terms
This product come with a 12 months limited warranty against manufacturing defects of all hardware & wheels only.
It does not apply to damage or scratches caused by accidents or impact. Nor to products stored or assembled incorrectly.
It would not apply to damage incurred by using wrong cleaning methods or exposure to direct sunlight.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

This beautiful cot has been gifted to us by our really loved ones. I really loved the product as it is quite elegant, comfortable and perfect for my little one.

Snow Angel Theme

We discovered the brand online and were impressed with the products that were thoughtfully designed, great functionality and at a value price. We got great service from the time we placed the order and it’s so heart warming to see our child grow up to love his bed and have restful sleep in it. Wish the tbs team the best!

Vyshesh Khurana
Snow Angel cot & Changing table

Love it !

360 Degree Wheels

This cot comes with 360 degree rotating wheels making it easy to transport from one room to another or to simply shift it at any time.
These wheels are with locks too.

Adjustable Levels

Our cots come with two sleeping levels. It is easy to change the levels and make it safe for your baby at all stages of growth.

Removable Railing

This cot has a removable railing on one side. The railing has to simply be slided up and removed when required.
This feature allows you to join the cot to your bed. A co-sleeper is very convenient especially in the night or whenever you are sleeping with your baby.

Spacing in the Railing

We ensure perfect spacing between the railing slats to ensure your baby’s safety. These adhere to international safety standards.

Frequently asked questions

Is this made from real wood ?

This cot is made out of reinforced engineered wood making it stronger and stable

Is the paint/polish safe for the baby?

We use non toxic water based products which are non toxic and do not emanate fumes

Can I join it with my bed?

This cot has a removable railing on one side to enable joining to the bed

Can the sleeping level be the same as my bed?

Yes we customize the upper sleeping level to match with your bed

Are the wheels lockable?

Two wheels are lockable to prevent the cot from moving when neccessary

How much weight can this cot take ?

This cot can take upto 15 kg and 25 kgs respectively for size 1 & 2