Six tips to improve your baby’s sleep at night

For parents, a baby's smile is the most priceless sight to behold, and the sweetest smiles are those that your child gives you when they are asleep. The way your little bundle of joy curls up and snuggles with the blanket like a burrito shows how comfortable they are in their sleep. But don’t we all hate to see our precious infants squirming and grunting restlessly throughout the night? Although it doesn’t necessarily indicate a sleep issue, as most newborn babies do that, but come on, doesn’t it help when they do not jitter as much and wake up in good spirits? It sure does!

How then, can parents encourage their infants to sleep through the night? You'll be astonished to learn that there are alternatives to the fabled miracle magic potion known as milk that can help you accomplish that. But, uh, milk is still very important.

Here are six tips that can help your sweet munchkin sleep “like a baby” through the night.

  • Get the right baby cot!



This has to be the most crucial step if you want your infant to sleep soundly. We all sleep best when our beds are quite comfy, after all. The same holds true for these tiny human beings!

TBS baby cots and cot beds are so comfy and luxuriously constructed to prevent making babies feel alienated by their surroundings as they instantly cocoon them for a delightful snooze. Babies may take time to acclimate to a new crib. Short naps at first can help your baby form the habit of sleeping in the cot, making it simpler for you to put them to sleep every night.

TBS offers attractive and durable cot bed designs in various sizes to ensure the safety and comfort of your child. Our products go through numerous quality checks and are packed with safety and multiple functionality features. In order to keep your baby interested, the cot must be attractive. Put some quiet toys in the cot around your baby's bedtime to entice them inside. We at least got them onto the cot bed, even though they aren't yet asleep. Pheww!

  • Put them to sleep only when they are drowsy

Before you try to put your baby to sleep, make sure it is their bedtime. They must also be willing to sleep; simply making sure it is their bedtime is insufficient. If your child had a very lengthy and adorable nap during the day, they might not be ready for bed.

A healthy, warm bath can also soothe your little one and prepare them for bed.

If the baby is not feeling drowsy, then they may end up waking up in the middle of the night, which, tbh, could be the cause of your morning after dark eye bags.

  • Talk your baby to sleep

 A mother’s voice can, at most times, instantly calm a baby. It relaxes them and aids in establishing a nesting environment that can keep them warm and comfortable all night.

They may feel at ease and look forward to sleeping if you tell them a story or hum a lullaby.

Did you notice how this is the ideal chance to enchant them with your favourite Harry Potter books?

The things you are speaking to your infant won't necessarily make sense to them, but they will nonetheless have the effect of a magical spell that makes them feel sleepy. Low lighting and lullaby singing have been shown to improve sleep quality. However, just because you are speaking to them doesn't guarantee that they will fall asleep right away.

  • Give your baby time to settle down

 Your baby may be ready to fall asleep, but they may have trouble finding a cozy posture right away. If they have trouble falling asleep or if their sleep is interrupted, this may cause them to start weeping. Your presence can reassure them at that time and help them fall asleep again. To help them feel calm, you can also give them a pacifier.

Also, remember to check to see if your baby is hungry; if so, pick out their favourite "feeding equipment" and get ready for a soothing milky time!

You may also get TBS baby furniture, which offers premium cot mattresses created to provide your baby with the maximum level of comfort.

  • Make an appropriate bed time schedule and stick to it!

 Always be consistent with your baby’s bedtime routine. Irregular sleep patterns may prove ongoing obstacles to your baby sleeping peacefully throughout the night.

Now is the time to put all sleep stimulating techniques to work but be careful not to overstimulate your child. Use the same selection of sleep inducing habits every night. To help your infant understand that it is time for bed and not for play, we advise using soft moments.

Your baby's bedtime routine should be simple for you to follow each night. Also keep in mind that babies do not like change. Their tempers can flare up with the slightest alteration in their sleep schedule!