How to Choose the Perfect Winter Clothing for Your Little One

We understand all your dreams of dressing your princess in furry pinks and your prince in charming blues. But when it comes to reality, colors take a backseat because comfort matters most. So, there goes the confusion: how do you buy the coziest pair of clothing for your tiny munchkin? With so many adorable options to choose from, it's hard to know where to start. Fret not; here is our ultimate guide for choosing the best baby clothing for your little one.

If you ask any parent what the coziest clothing attire is, they will say light cotton clothes – maybe a cute little sundress or pair of shorts with a bodysuit, which is absolute gold – but with winter pounding down on our doors, it's time to look for some warmer options.

  • The fabric takes the No.1 Priority

While we understand you want to dress your baby like a magazine model, style is not going to keep your baby’s sensitive skin comfortable. So, choose fleece, bamboo rayon, merino wool, or jersey fabrics to give your infant the best possible comfort. If you want to take their comfort level to the next level, then buy a baby mattress from TBS, which will keep your baby warm and cozy in the harshest of winters.

  • Winter special clothing tips

Don’t wrap up their tender skin in heavy bundles of clothing; rather, opt for layering. A footed onesie with a cozy sweater or jacket is ideal.

Infant gowns are a great option for a newborn because they are comfortable to wear and make changing diapers easy. You can cover your baby in a soft vest as well, which has snaps at the sides or shoulders that allow a wide head opening. A onesie with a blanket sleeper will also be very efficient at keeping your little nugget warm. Once you are done wrapping your burrito in winter clothes, take them to their baby cots for the best sleep time!

  • Slightly bigger clothes could be a trend for tiny peeps too

Oversized clothes not only keep your baby comfortable, but they also give your child that adorable look when they roll around in their cradle beds. Bonus point: They will keep up with your quickly growing baby and not restrict their space.
Clothing with a slightly larger size will allow your baby to wear more clothes underneath and also keep them safe from rashes, in case they accidentally wet their clothes.

  • Burp clothes and bibs are a good investment

Babies are messy creatures, so you'll want to make sure you choose clothes that are easy to clean and care for. Look for items made from machine-washable materials like cotton or linen. Even after all these smart moves, with the sun throwing tantrums and the wind getting colder, you will surely not be interested in diving into detergent and water frequently. Burp clothes and bibs keep your hands out of stained clothes and the special chilling water of the winter.

  • Broad necks and front-openers

You surely can’t see your baby feeling like its head is stuck in a tunnel. So, choose baby wear that is easy to put on and take off. It is advisable that you buy clothes that can be opened from the front. If the dress has to go through the neck of the infant, make sure the neck is wide and soft. You can get the ones that have snap buttons on the shoulders; they open up and allow the baby dress to have a wider neck, which is easy to wear and take off.

  • What not to buy

It's tempting to base your shopping decision on the cuteness of those fancy clothes as you wander down shopping lanes, but keep your children's safety in mind as well. Say a straightforward NO to any clothing that has loosely attached bows and buttons, as it can pose choking hazards or possess drawstrings and waistbands that are often associated with strangulation hazards. Try to avoid zippers and elastics too, just for the sake of that tender skin.

  • After all the necessities, jump to the style part

Of course, you also want your baby's clothes to be stylish! Think about what style you want to go for. Do you want something traditional? Something trendy? Something preppy? Something funky? Fortunately, there are plenty of cute and trendy options to choose from these days. If you're not sure what style you're looking for, take some time to browse through some online retailers or visit your local baby store. You'll quickly get a feel for what's popular and what's not.

Finally, don't forget the accessories! A cute pair of socks or a matching hat can really complete the look. And then comes the most important accessory of all—a big smile from proud parents!

  • Never lose the hat!

We have read all about clothes, fabrics, and bibs, but there is something still left out. Hats are a crucial part of everybody’s winter wear, but parents often seem to forget how important it is to cover a baby’s head, especially when they are out in a carrier, a stroller, or even a car seat! If the winters are too cold, then you must limit outdoor activities for your baby, and remember that babies tend to lose body heat very easily, and there is no way they’d be able to do that, so never forget the hat.

  • The final piece of advice - Keep a leash on your wallet

You'll need to consider your budget when shopping for baby clothes. Babies grow quickly, so you may not want to spend a lot of money on clothing that they'll only be able to wear for a few months. However, there are also some key pieces—like winter coats and snow pants—that you'll want to invest in so they can be worn for multiple seasons.

Choosing the perfect baby outfit doesn't have to be difficult. Just keep functionality, safety, and price in mind, and you'll be sure to find something that's just right for your little one.

Happy shopping!