How to Choose The Best Baby Cot?
Words can’t express how much you love your little human being. As a mother, you know your baby has been snoozin’ in your belly for some reaaally long months, and now that they are finally out of the bump, you want nothing but the best comfort for them.
Did you know that these cuties can spend the majority of their first few years in a cot just being themselves? Duh! We know you are secretly yearning to be a kid once again. It’s a mutual feeling. Oh, what a life it was, laying around, playing and blabbering gibberish all day. So anyway, you are a parent now and you’re looking for the best cot to invest in. It should be as comfortable as soft cotton candy, as strong & safe as your arms, and as cute as they are. Sorry, that last bit is simply not possible.
Parenting ain’t easy and so isn’t finding the perfect cot for your baby. Worry not, we are here to help you with that. We have curated the best tips to guide you through choosing the right baby cot.
Keep scrolling, love. 
  • Safety matters the most
best baby cot
The first and foremost thing that matters while choosing a baby cot is how safe it is. Little nuggets have a habit of jumping and climbing all the time, as if they were in the jungle book, which puts you on edge with worry that they might fall, trip or hurt themselves. That is precisely why you need a cot that has all the safety features required to keep your baby protected all the time. Is there such a cot, you ask? Yes!
TBS baby cots and cot beds are safety certified and designed with the vision of providing the utmost and supreme safety to our little angels. The beds are assembled in a manner that no side can be opened or moved by your child, and they are also equipped with safety rails to prevent your child from falling. Doesn’t that sound just perfect? Plus, these cots are coated with non-toxic materials. So don’t be alarmed if some wood licking takes place.
All you great mommies and daddies can have your much needed rest, knowing that your baby is safe and sound in the crib.
  • Get the right size
right cot bed size
Choosing the right cot bed size is imperative for your baby because we know these little marshmallows love to roll around and are hyperactive during their first months. We don’t want to buy a baby cot that is too small for your baby to move around, stretch and be comfortable.
If you buy a size too small for your child, then the railings won’t be high enough and that will fill you with an imminent fear of them falling off. We don’t want that! It will be hard for your baby to move around, and they may hurt themselves in the process.
And, too big a size may make the room look too crowded, so it’s important to get just the right size.
TBS baby cots are available in various sizes and styles, and we are sure we have the perfect fit for your baby.  
  • Look for the best build quality
best quality baby cot
This may sound like just an extended safety feature, but it has its own relevance. Cots can be equipped with safe specifications but may still not have a sturdy and durable body. That sounds terrible, right?
Worry not, parents! TBS baby cots are durable and trustable because they have undergone extensive testing and numerous quality checks. These wooden baby cots are built to hold your little explorer with ease and allow them to go frolicking around. Only buy the best quality cradle bed for your child to ensure their maximum protection. So let your kids do their rollies and pollies because we've got you!
  • Buy a snuggly mattress
Buy a snuggly mattress for baby
Now that you have picked the perfect baby cot, the next step is to get the softest, squishiest, & most comfortable baby mattress. The mattress must be exactly the same size as that of the cot to achieve the utmost level of comfort for your little bundle of joy.
We know if you could, you’d get them a cloud to sleep on, but hold your thoughts. We want the mattress to be soft enough to be comfortable but also firm enough at the same time to avoid the risk of suffocation and unexpected injuries.
Buy a TBS baby mattress to get top quality and fit to match your perfect baby cot and ensure that there are no gaps between the crib and the mattress.
Now you can watch your baby dream about the kingdom of milk and play in their cot like little beavers without having to worry about their safety. Let 'em have fun! 
  • Don’t be boring, go for some style
Go for some stylish cot
Now that you have figured out everything you need to know about picking the safest and most comfortable baby cot, it’s time to focus on the looks. Don’t say looks don’t matter.
Your baby’s a little angel, and if you buy a pretty crib that complements their style, we’re sure you will see a halo pretty soon too.
Right from the day they are born, babies begin to show their charismatic personalities. Their lively and colourful personalities won’t go well with dull and boring looking cot beds. Go for some colours, themes, or even shades that pop. Make sure you don’t over accessorise the cot, as it may become uncomfortable for the baby.
Get themed baby furniture and baby cots from TBS to add a touch of happiness to your little Tarzan. Plus, you can buy cots that come with drawers to have increased storage space for all your baby’s needs. So that’s two shots with one arrow!
Last words
When it comes to our babies, we want nothing but the best for them. Since, they spend a good chunk of their lives in cots, we have to choose the best one of them. Cots are an investment and, if picked wisely, can last a really long time. So, bring one home today!