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News For You -Breastfeeding Pods At The Statue Of Liberty

Posted by Sheetal Chopra

This is wonderful of course for those traveling and visiting The Statue of liberty with breastfed babies!

The breastfeeding suits are sparkling clean, ensure privacy, are roomy and allow for usage of a breast pump as well.

With comfortable seating,fold-down tables, electric point for a breast pump, the concept is so well thought out and executed.

These are The Mamava breastfeeding suites and can be accessed by downloading their app.

The app has more than 4000 mama approved places so mamas can find their spots ahead of time en route. These are vetted locations.

This app also connects mothers at different locations and they can connect and exchange information . It also has breastfeeding tips! Great reviews about this app and very useful to all the feeding moms.

While its a great piece of news and information for those traveling, It is a pointer for us in India to implement these.

Feeding in public and bathrooms is never a place for that and does not provide the right atmosphere. Feeding in public is an option but not a preferred one.


Pic 1 ref : https://mom.me/news/moms-theres-now-a-breastfeeding-pod-at-the-statue-of-liberty/

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