How Soon Can I Take My Baby To Swim?

How Soon Can I Take My Baby To Swim?

Posted by Sheetal Chopra

As long as you ensure hygiene levels, you can actually put your baby in the pool after 6 weeks of delivery.

Before they are 6 months old, babies can actually swim with assistance . They have a natural instinct and strokes . They can hold their breath underwater without being trained or instructed . Their inbuilt gag reflexes work at the maximum before 6 months.

Babies love the refreshing water as much, especially in summers ! All the splashing and movement makes for a good amount of exercise too!

It is important to regulate the body temperature in little babies so it is a good idea to dry them as soon as they are out of the water and not take them directly under the fan or in front of the air conditioning right after.

The essentials to take along are :

  • Swimming diapers
  • Swimwear
  • swimming cap
  • Sunscreen lotion which is  waterproof if in the outdoor
  • A hooded towel
  • Extra diaper change and nappy sack
  • A snack or bottle as swimming really boosts up the appetite
  • Changing Mat

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