Healthy Pregnancy tips

Healthy Pregnancy tips

Posted by Sheetal Chopra

Healthy you means a healthy baby

These 9 months are most crucial, and its so important to take care of yourself to feel healthy and strong for the healthy growth of the baby.

As you grow stronger... your baby grows stronger too.


 “If I had my life to live over, instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I’d have cherished ever moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle.”

 Erma Bombeck


Figure 1: Healthy pregnancy habits [1]

Feeling good about yourself

Yes you are pregnant and you will put on some weight but you will glow and it's important to feel good about yourself and work on a healthy pregnancy
Here are some pointers to do the same
  1. Good exercises for pregnancy include: brisk walking, swimming, yoga& plates. Always let your exercise teacher know that you are pregnant or, ideally, choose classes meant for pregnant women.
  2. Take a supplement on your doctor's advice regularly. Normally you would need to take folic acid for at least the first three months and vitamin D for the whole of your pregnancy and beyond.
  3. Get enough rest during the day in between jobs and enough sleep as well.
  4. The following foods may contain listeria and so are best avoided: Unpasteurized milk, undercooked ready meals, soft, mold-ripened cheeses, such as brie blue-veined cheeses
  5. Eat foods rich in nutrients and controlled calories. The right nutrient and caloric balance ensure proper growth of the baby and no unnecessary weight gain for you
  6. Cut out caffeine and alcohol intake.  You may prefer to cut out caffeine altogether, particularly in the first trimester. Decaffeinated tea and coffee, fruit teas and fruit juices are all safe alternatives.
  7. Smoking is a no-no, even passive smoking 
  8. Most importantly be happy! It creates a happy healthy bond between you and the tiny miracle growing inside of you. Sounds and moods experienced by the mother are directly transferred to the offspring in the womb. This is why it is important to stay positive and always wear a smile during this phase.
  9. Feel beautiful because you are! Rather than turning to your husband in a bid to fish for flattering comments, you can simply turn to Benjamin Franklin’s quote-“A ship under sail and a big-bellied woman, are the handsomest two things that can be seen common.”


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