Here are some fun activities to keep your kids busy this winter

Winter can be a tough time for kids.

Our little children may feel confined inside due to the gloomy conditions and chilly waves outside. That's not what we want, right?

Imagine your kids feeling stuck at home and getting bored because most of the time it’s too cold to go outside. Sounds terrible, huh? We want our kids to enjoy themselves while engaging in worthwhile activities. They can't stay in their cot beds all the time, after all. The kids may feel left out if we as parents don't encourage them to stay active with fun pastimes.



There are many activities we may engage in with our children that will serve as opportunities for bonding as well as help them have fun. That sounds fantastic, doesn't it?

We all want to spend as much time as possible with our children.

That’s why we have put together a list of winter activities for kids that are entertaining as well as interesting. Your children will absolutely love these winter play activities, and you will enjoy joining them.

These are a few of the indoor game suggestions for toddlers to tweens.


Cool Slime

The popularity of slime among children is not breaking news. These cuties have an adorable propensity to be drawn to anything that appears messy or has the ability to become so. We know it's not a good thing for parents, but we can't constantly think about the mess while raising our children!



The children can engage their senses in slime while also learning some science. They will take great enjoyment in creating the slime, in addition to enjoying stretching and pulling it.


Take Out Some Fake Snow

Now, there are many places in India where snow never falls. But is it a reason to miss out on the opportunity to enjoy it and experience it? In our opinion, no!

We may always act as if it is snowing.

We can purchase a styrofoam container or make fake snow out of flour or cornstarch. To add sparkle to your snow, combine some glitter and sequins. The kids will go nuts for this one, we can assure you of that. It will undoubtedly be somewhat messy, but the laughter of your children will make the cleanup time worthwhile.

Another option is to buy neon-colored Styrofoam, turn off all the lights, and invite your kids over for a snowball fight. It sounds like a lot of fun!


Icicle & Snowflake Painting

It’s art time! Having fun and learning with the same activity sounds too good to be true. But it is!

Painting is a fun, engaging, and educational activity, and since it’s winter time, we can paint an icicle or a snowflake. You can teach your kids how to do it and bring out your inner artist at the same time. Make sure that you do the cutting and keep our tiny artists away from any sharp objects.



Please don’t just stick to blue and white. Let your lovely cupcakes (yes, we’re talking about the kids) choose their own colours and just have fun. This will give them a chance to explore their artistic side. Staying in doesn’t sound so bad after all!


Build a Winter Castle

Castles bring back so many childhood memories. Come on, when we were kids, we all built castles.



Castles are best made with chairs, blankets, and cardboard boxes. It's winter time, so our castles should look winter-friendly. How about we make it with sugar cubes? We are sure it will sound like a lot of fun to our cute little muffins. (still talking about the kids)

Your kids' "Frozen" fantasies will undoubtedly come true with this activity!


Time to Turn into Santa!

When winter starts, you know that Christmas is right around the corner. Believe us when we say that EVERY CHILD LOVES CHRISTMAS!



The thought of receiving a gift from Santa Claus, decorating the Christmas tree, and all the lights greatly excites the kids. We could allow our kids to transform into Santa this winter! Dressing up as someone else for fun is never dull!

Some shaving cream will help bring out a white, snowy look, and if it’s a little too much, then the good old cotton beard is still in style to save the day.

Your cute toddler will love to distribute candies, and secretly keep the extras.


A Baking War

Can you think of a fun pastime that you enjoy while you do it and even after it’s over, plus it teaches you a life skill? We have one for you, though!



It’s time to bake some delicious and warm cookies to keep your kids cozy through the frigid winter. We can turn it into a little competition between your kids, and if you have only one child, then you can invite their friends over.

Please. Make sure that the little biscuits—we mean, your children—only handle the mixing and folding. Keep them away from any hot surfaces.


Take Them On An Aventure…With a Story Book

After a day full of fun, the kids are sure to feel exhausted but also satisfied. It’s time to tuck them into their favourite TBS cot beds. But what if they don’t want to sleep right away? A little story telling will definitely get them to snooze.

This is the best time to bring out your favourite bedtime stories with a happy ending. Getting all warm and cozy with a snuggly blanket and a soft baby mattress will really set the mood for a winter’s night. A fun tale is the cherry on top!


Some Last Words

It takes a ton of effort to entertain toddlers and babies, but every attempt is totally worth it.

Our kids deserve some much-needed slumber after a day filled with fun. For your kids' maximum comfort, buy TBS wooden cot beds and baby mattresses so that they can wake up feeling rested, prepared, and pumped for yet another day of fun!